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Coaching with Tracee really helped me see how my expectations of myself were detrimental to achieving my vision for the future.  She helped me to become aware of the pattern of this thinking and all the areas it played out in my life.  She also assisted me to challenge and install new ways of thinking that were much more supportive.  I really enjoyed the coaching relationship with Tracee she brought humour and lightness to topics which felt very heavy and dark to me and I felt very comfortable opening myself to her and trusting her with what was really going on for me at the core of things.

Thank you so much!!!

Kendall C Smith

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My experience with Tracee-Lee is something quite unique, interesting and challenging too. I am an adult with ADHD and an uneasy relationship with my parents, especially my father. I did several coaching sessions with Tracee, at the same time I was doing my EMDR therapy for my PTSD. 

Tracee helped me understand the links between some of my patterns due to my beliefs and my education within my early age with my parents. She showed me how to change my way of getting organised, letting go of most of the things which were not really important, to regain my focus and unload my stress. 

Having a baby and going from single life to becoming a father with all what it takes made my life shift. 

We worked on my goals and vision for my future in terms of achievement and direction. Restructuring my workload and changing my attitude was hard to accept, but important for my health and more because this was a big issue for my memory and capacity to concentrate and achieving my goals.  

Some of the techniques and tools she used, managed to get me in better shape and function better in my life and achieve dramatic improvement in my family and communication. 

Being a bit OCD and a perfectionist is hard when you are in my situation, when it comes to not paying attention to details and not being happy each time. I can achieve little things to keep me going and giving me satisfaction. 

Tracee’s personal and professional experience was a massive plus to help me understand my life as I had several things to change and work on, and these problems were affecting me because of their links. 

You have to be gentle and accurate to support changes in someone. I have had some other quick coaching experiences previously but it did not make me very clear about who I could be, living my life. 

I felt very warmly welcomed and listened to. It is very important to feel this in coaching to open up. She is committed to coaching and she always read and learned constantly. I could not explore everything in my journey but I can tell she is always passionate and sometimes supported me to dig deeper and this supported me to make better decisions. 

Olivier Sama

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