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Leading to Connect works with corporates to enhance their employees and teams' leadership skills, increase team performance and build a positive organisational culture. We do this face to face or online through our Connection to Culture program & workshops, which teaches participants how thinking and behavioural patterns can maximise potential, boost team performance and exponentially increase productivity.

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  • Discover your Meta Dynamics™ Thinking Style Profile & gain powerful insights into why you do what you do in business & in life.

  • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential.

  • Empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you approach challenges, how you connect with others, and how you can create the life & business you want.

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The Meta Dynamics™ Mini Profiling Tool is your pathway to unpacking your Thinking Style with a Professional Coach and understanding how you approach challenges in business and in life. By gaining insights and answers into the 4 Meta Archetypes and their specific cognitive traits and thinking patterns, this shortened version of the Profiling Tool provides you an exclusive window into your own potential.


Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is the unique thinking style assessment based on the world's first and only research-based coaching methodology that helps you just that.


Unlike personality, thinking styles can be developed over time to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential. Understanding behavioural patterns helps you achieve new goals and evolve into who you want to be.


Understand the 4 Thinking types & Archetypes - Visionary, Architect, Dynamo, Collaborator - and how these roles play out empowers us to make conscious choice about who we are and who we want to become.

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Giving a Presentation

"Inspiring people to be the change they want to see, to maximise their potential."


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Working Together


At Leading to Connect, we work with Individuals and/or Business Owners, Leaders and their teams to unlock and maximise their potential to enhance performance, effectiveness and outcomes for themselves, and their organisation.

As a business and leadership coach, we assist business owners and leaders to thrive in this changing world by improving their communication, enhancing their leadership skills and effectiveness, increased productivity, resilience, confidence, motivation, action - taking, focus and self-management or personal mastery. 

Our Leadership Strategy allows you to become the leader you've always dreamt of, all the whilst enhancing the business culture which is absolutely required to build a successful business under your leadership and direction. 

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The business leaders could include - Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Senior Executives and Senior Managers. As leaders, we can spend too much time working IN our business, rather than ON the business - we have to make ourselves dispensable - so the business can still perform at a high level without us. Connected leaders have a sense of purpose and direction which filters out to everyone in the organisation. Connected leaders have a strong set of values and promote fairness, share authority and delegate decision making, and establish teams that are moving toward common goals. Having a clear plan for your short term goals and long term objectives, helps your team thrive with clarity and creates momentum, productivity and a high performance culture. Connected leaders manage the challenges, ambiguities and uncertainty in business.


Your teams are the lifeblood of your business that keeps the cogs turning, so your customers are delivered standards of excellence when accessing the services you provide. When people are truly connected to a culture of excellence, they invest their future in the business and work hard to create opportunities that will benefit the business and themselves.

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Are you a successful leader but still feel like there is so much more you could do to enhance your skills and the skills of your team? Do you want to invest in increasing the performance of your team? At Leading to Connect, we work with leaders at all levels and believe that it is never too late for change.

If you're tired of leading from a place that just doesn't feel right or you're a new and emerging leader wanting to start your leadership journey out right, Leading to Connect provides the strategies you need to take your Leadership skills from strong to elite.

As a Leadership Coach, we offer a range of tools and strategies to help you understand yourself and your team - leading to increased business efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, performance.  

Servicing businesses Australia and Worldwide from our Head Office in Bendigo, Victoria - learn how Leading to Connect can take your Leadership Management to the next level. 


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What is a Discovery Session?

* 60 minute phone call or Zoom video call to see if we are the right fit for one another. 

* Discussion about where you are  now and where you want to be. 

* Develop a plan of how to further develop yourself as a transformational and purpose driven leader. 

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Coaching with Tracee really helped me see how my expectations of myself were detrimental to achieving my vision for the future.  She helped me to become aware of the pattern of this thinking and all the areas it played out in my life.  She also assisted me to challenge and install new ways of thinking that were much more supportive.  I really enjoyed the coaching relationship with Tracee she brought humour and lightness to topics which felt very heavy and dark to me and I felt very comfortable opening myself to her and trusting her with what was really going on for me at the core of things.

Thank you so much!!!

Kendall C Smith

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Dear Tracee, 
I wanted to write a few words of gratitude for being a wonderful person and coach!
"Working with Tracee was such as great experience. Firstly, as a person she is so caring and warm. I felt very safe which made it really easy for me to be open. At the time I was feeling lost and overwhelmed. I knew what I wanted to achieve in my life, but I was holding myself back with self-doubt and overthinking. Tracee helped me dig deep and piece together what the self-doubt and overthinking was really about and where it comes from. Having this awareness and new strategies moving forward meant that I could choose to respond differently and get a different outcome. I have so much more confidence and trust in myself today and I am creating the life that I want for myself and my family."
From Julie x

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Sometimes the element of stepping outside of your comfort zone can be very confronting for some and this was definitely true for me, a process that was hard, raw and very much the unknown as to how I would feel and respond. 

Working with Tracee has provided me with a safe platform, that was supportive and non-judgemental to express the feelings and context behind my answers and sit with them. The tools used within the sessions aided in the realisation of my actual true self, what was holding me back and where my mind could take me if I understood what was holding me back. I am truly excited to see where these learnt strategies can help guide me along my journey and create further insight into my inner being and what happiness is truly meant to be for me and no one else.


Arianna Smythe

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My experience with Tracee-Lee is something quite unique, interesting and challenging too. I am an adult with ADHD and an uneasy relationship with my parents, especially my father. I did several coaching sessions with Tracee, at the same time I was doing my EMDR therapy for my PTSD. 

Tracee helped me understand the links between some of my patterns due to my beliefs and my education within my early age with my parents. She showed me how to change my way of getting organised, letting go of most of the things which were not really important, to regain my focus and unload my stress. 

Having a baby and going from single life to becoming a father with all what it takes made my life shift. 

We worked on my goals and vision for my future in terms of achievement and direction. Restructuring my workload and changing my attitude was hard to accept, but important for my health and more because this was a big issue for my memory and capacity to concentrate and achieving my goals.  

Some of the techniques and tools she used, managed to get me in better shape and function better in my life and achieve dramatic improvement in my family and communication. 

Being a bit OCD and a perfectionist is hard when you are in my situation, when it comes to not paying attention to details and not being happy each time. I can achieve little things to keep me going and giving me satisfaction. 

Tracee’s personal and professional experience was a massive plus to help me understand my life as I had several things to change and work on, and these problems were affecting me because of their links. 

You have to be gentle and accurate to support changes in someone. I have had some other quick coaching experiences previously but it did not make me very clear about who I could be, living my life. 

I felt very warmly welcomed and listened to. It is very important to feel this in coaching to open up. She is committed to coaching and she always read and learned constantly. I could not explore everything in my journey but I can tell she is always passionate and sometimes supported me to dig deeper and this supported me to make better decisions. 

Olivia Sama

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Some companies make the mistake of limiting their corporate culture development to just their leadership or executive team, and hope it will be communicated to the rest of the organization. Or they may think they have a revenue stream problem or a customer service problem, and limit their focus to specific teams. While there are times that high performance companies experience particular issues related to a single team, the high performing and successful organisations focus on building a culture of excellence across their entire organization. They understand that every part of the organization has an impact on the other parts, and that the most powerful results are created when every part is in synchronicity. 
By focusing on every employee and team across the organization, you will ensure that each individual:
• Is aligned to a common vision that is inspiring and meaningful, a vision that the entire organization is proud to work toward.
• Understands what the end goal is, where the company is now and, specifically, how to bridge the gap between the two.

Conversation Between Colleagues
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Team Meeting


This workshop is:

* Designed for the senior leadership teams and emerging leaders

* Can be modified to suit the organisations needs.

* Requires a minimum of 6 x 2 hour sessions.

Throughout this workshop:

  • Team members will share a sense of purpose or common goals that each member is willing to work toward, that aligns with the businesses strategic vision. 

  • When a task is accomplished or the demands of the situation change, the team can change its focus or direction to meet the new goals.

  • The team is able to evaluate its performance.

  • The team members use one another as a resource. The team willingly accepts the influence and leadership of members whose resources are relevant to the immediate task. Roles are balanced and shared to ensure that the tasks are accomplished, and that team cohesion and morale are enhanced.

  • Communication is clear and direct. Team members continually try to listen to and clarify what is being said and show interest in what others say and feel. Differences of opinion are encouraged and freely expressed

  • The team focuses on problem solving rather than expending energy on competitive struggles or interpersonal issues. The team is willing to deal with conflict and focus on it until it is resolved or managed in a way that does not reduce the effectiveness of the team and its members. Confrontation is accepted as a challenge to examine one’s behaviour or ideas. It is not viewed as an uncaring personal attack.

  • Mistakes are seen as sources of learning rather than reasons for punishment. This encourages creativity and risk taking.

  • The team has a clear set of expectations and standards for the behaviour.

  • Developing a climate of trust underlies all of these elements. 

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